February Wrap-up + March Reads

Yes, go ahead and side eye me because we’re almost half way into March and I’m just now writing a February wrap-up. I’ve been caught up in watching people play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I want to play so bad.!! Anyway, these books…

Last month I participated in #ReadSoulLit. It’s a daily photo challenge, started by Didi of Brown Girl Reading (she has a blog and a Youtube channel), that takes place during February (in honor of Black History Month). The goal of the challenge is to highlight books written by Black authors and encourage everyone to read them more often. I participated through Instagram, but you could use any of your social media accounts.  This was my first year participating and I had a blast! I found some new book readers to follow and I added a TON of books to my TBR list. Check out my Instagram to see my photos from the challenge; also search #ReadSoulLit on Twitter, Instagram, etc to discover some awesome books!

As for what I read during February, I had a pretty average reading month. I’m not a fast reader, so I usually read one book a week. Here’s what I read and what I rated them:

I had a pretty good reading month!

For March, I haven’t been that motivated to read. I’m listening to Bird Box by Josh Malerman on audiobook. It’s okay. The writing is good, but the plot’s not moving fast enough for me. I’m half-way through the book and nothing is happening. I’m only motivated to listen to it because it holds my attention as I drive to and from work each day. I’m also reading Im Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi. If you follow her on Facebook or read her blog, then you know what her writing style and humor is like. I’m not that far into the book, but I’m enjoying it.
In other book related news, the annual LIBRARY OLD BOOK SALE WAS LAST WEEK. YAAAS!!


Spent a grand total of $10 on these babies!

I went on the first day and these are the books I snagged. I wanted to go back on the last day, because the book are half-priced, but I didn’t get a chance to go. I’m a little disappointed but I got some great books out of it regardless.

What was your reading month like in February? What do you plan on reading this month?


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