About the blog:

I’ve loved reading since I was a child. My mom was an avid reader, so naturally she passed that gift on to my brothers and me. Somewhere between attending college and working I slowly stopped reading. Last year (2015), to make a lil extra holiday spending money,  I picked up a part-time job at a bookstore. Being surrounded by books and people who enjoy reading woke up the old bookworm in me and I’ve been loving it!

I’m here to talk about books and book related things. Even though I will read just about anything, my favorite books to read are books written by (or about) people of color. My favorite genre are fiction, mystery/thrillers, and non-fiction (biographies, social science, and history).

I just want to read and meet other people who enjoy reading.


About me:

I’m Jaye. I was born in Georgia during the summer of ’86. I enjoy reading, writing (the urge comes and goes frequently), playing video games. I smile a lot. I love to watch crime dramas and crime documentaries. I’m addicted to YouTube.  I’m a thinker. I’m a dreamer. I’m a serial procrastinator (Im working on it, yall). I’m very much an introvert. I’m married.

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